Website Updates

May 19 2014

Welcome, new readers from Reddit!

Comic updates have been trickling along, but the site itself has languished for a while now.

To bring this site slightly closer to the modern age, I've added a few new features:

  • RSS feeds! Each comic now has an RSS feed to which you can subscribe, so you'll get updates when new pages are added. The links are in the sidebar for each comic. The feeds contain the full archive of pages by default. If you'd prefer, you can limit the pages listed by adding a page count to the end of the URL -- eg. feed/3 will return only the three most recent pages.
    There's also a summary feed for all the comics, but I think the individual feeds will be more useful.
  • Proper Latest Page link! The 'latest page' link in the sidebar isn't a hard link to a specfic page any more, but if bookmarked, will always take you to the latest page.
  • Comic navigation now crosses chapters! Previously, the navigation links would only move you through the pages of a single chapter. Now, the 'first' and 'last' links point to either end of the whole comic, and pressing 'next' at the end of a chapter takes you to the first page of the next chapter. This may seem like obvious behaviour, but I had to rework a bunch of stuff under the hood to make that happen.
  • Reworked a bunch of stuff under the hood! The details aren't important, but it was necessary work to do the above.

Between comic updates, I'll work on retooling the site layout to be more responsive, so that it'll display better on tablet and mobile.

But for now, I'll get back to producing some actual content again.
Let me know if anything is broken as a result of these changes...

AVCon 2013

July 23 2013

AVCon 2013 has come and gone, with lots of anime portraits done once again. (Plus a few other commissions...)

This year I didn't have access to power, so I couldn't do digital portraits as usual; I returned to traditional media and worked with Copic markers. As a result examples are limited to the few photos I snapped when the chance arose.

If you're interested in having a portrait done, or any other commissioned artwork, send me an email!